Stuart J. Whitmore, Author

E-Book Reading Options

Not all books by Stuart J. Whitmore are available in print, but all of them are available in e-book formats. If you are not familiar with reading e-books, here are some options to consider:

Read "in the cloud"

Amazon provides a way to read Kindle books in a "cloud reader" that just uses your Web browser. When you buy a Kindle book, Amazon allows you to specify which device the book should be sent to, and the Cloud Reader is one of the options. If you have no other devices, the Cloud Reader will be the default and only available selection.

If you've received a free book through BookFunnel, you can read it "in the cloud" by logging in to your BookFunnel Library.

Use your phone or tablet
You can download an app for your mobile device that will allow you to read e-books. Some apps are designed for a specific "e-book ecosystem" such as Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, Google Play, etc., while others are designed to support books in certain file formats. The ePUB format (especially ePUB 2) is a well-supported format.
Use your laptop or desktop computer
You can download software for your computer to read e-books. As with mobile apps, some software is specific to a certain e-book platform while other software is built to support specific file formats. Again, ePUB 2 is a format that has solid support.
Buy an e-reader
You can buy a dedicated e-reading device such as a Kindle, NOOK, or Kobo. Dedicated e-reading devices use monochrome "e-ink" displays that provide a better reading experience but are not particularly suitable for non-reading activities such as Web browsing, watching videos, etc.