Stuart J. Whitmore, Author

Stuart's Saloon (Discord Server)

Got something to say? Let's talk! You can join Stuart's Saloon, the Discord server run by Stuart J. Whitmore ("RattlesnakeStu") to talk to him about his books and publishing.

On the server, the following chat channels are available, although not all will be visible to you when you join:

As the name suggests, this channel is for general discussion, although "general chat" should still be relevant to the topic of the server. It should not include politics, religion, sports, etc., unless those are within the context of stories written by Stuart.
This channel is for discussion of Stuart's works in progress.
If you want to be alerted to upcoming sales or opportunities to win (or just freely download) free books, keep an eye on this channel.
This channel provides a place for discussion among readers about Stuart's books, stories, characters, worlds, etc.
This channel is made available for other writers to talk about their books, for Stuart to recommend books, and so forth.
This is a private channel for Stuart and his street team to discuss ways to increase the audience for his books. If you want to be on the street team, you will need to discuss that with Stuart.
#General (voice chat)
Although it won't be used very often, this voice channel is available if Stuart wants to make an announcement or something along those lines. Certain privileged users may be given the opportunity to participate, but most will only be able to listen.
Donor Options (and Channels) Removed

Some time ago, Stuart tried using Patreon as a way to help boost his limited self-publishing budget. That didn't go far, which isn't surprising. While that experiment was still in progress, he connected his Patreon account with his Discord server, and there were defined levels of sponsorship for donations of various amounts. All of that has been discarded. The most important "support" you can give an indie creator is to enjoy their work and share it with others. For a fiction writer, that translates to:

In short, to "support" Stuart's writing career, just enjoy yourself—while allowing Stuart to entertain you and others in your life!