Stuart J. Whitmore, Author

Stuart's Saloon (Discord Server)

Got something to say? Let's talk! You can join Stuart's Saloon, the Discord server run by Stuart J. Whitmore ("RattlesnakeStu") to talk to him about his books and publishing.

On the server, the following chat channels are available, although not all will be visible to you when you join:

As the name suggests, this text chat channel is for general discussion, although "general chat" should still be relevant to the topic of the server. It should not include politics, religion, sports, etc., unless those are within the context of stories written by Stuart.
This text chat is for discussion of works in progress, whether individual books or a whole series.
If you want to be alerted to upcoming sales or opportunities to win (or just freely download) free books, keep an eye on this channel.
This channel is made available for other writers to talk about their books, for Stuart to recommend books, and so forth.
This is a private channel for Stuart and his street team to discuss ways to increase the audience for his books. If you want to be on the street team, you will need to discuss that with Stuart.
#General (voice chat)
Although it won't be used very often, this voice channel is available if Stuart wants to make an announcement or have discussions with donors that anybody can listen to. Only donors will be able to participate, everyone else will be in listen-only mode.
#Donor Discourse (voice chat)
This is a private voice channel for Stuart to speak directly with donors. Bronze level donors will be in listen-only mode, while Silver and Gold donors may participate.
This is a text chat channel for all donors, Bronze level and up.
This text channel is just for Silver and Gold donors.
This is a private channel for chat among Stuart and Gold donors.

If you would like to be a patron of Stuart to encourage and enable future writing and publishing efforts, you can donate directly to him. This reduces or eliminates fees, allowing more of your donation to reach Stuart than was possible when he was using Patreon for patronage. There are the standard three levels for this:

Donations may be made via PayPal, Square Cash, in person, or any other mutually-agreeable method.

There is no expectation of frequent donations, so all donations are currently handled manually and you will be manually added to the appropriate role on Discord when Stuart receives your donation. For Gold donors wanting to pledge on a monthly basis, you may (depending on amount) start as a Silver donor for one month and then be upgraded to Gold on the second month.