Stuart J. Whitmore, Author

Approved Sender List Instructions

You might not get email that you've asked for, thanks to the laziness (we'll hope it's not malice) of other people. When people subscribe to newsletters and then mark them as spam instead of unsubscribing, it "trains" email providers to treat those opt-in newsletters as junk. As a result, your mail provider may toss newsletters you want to see into your spam folder where they may be deleted before you know they're there. They might even reject the newsletter entirely, not even putting it into your spam folder, so you have literally no chance to see it. All because someone else falsely reported the senders for spamming.

What can you do to fix the problem? Unfortunately, there's no perfect answer. However, here are some ideas that will help you get the information, news, offers, and other content that you asked to receive:

Of course, you can also help avoid causing problems for other people by always using the unsubscribe link when you decide to sign off from a newsletter.